Looking for longer lashes?

Have you recently taken a walk down the aisle of your local drug store? You probably noticed the rows and rows of mascara products. One of the most feminine qualities of a woman is her long, full and thick lashes. While products like mascara, eyelash extensions and eyelash curlers offer a temporary solution for lashes, Latisse is the only product scientifically proven and approved by the FDA to...

Nipple Tattoos For Breast Cancer Survivors

“49 year-old woman had her breasts removed after being diagnosed with breast cancer… she said that without her nipples her breasts looked like a face with no features.” Areola tattoos can be a very important step in the healing process for breast cancer survivors.

There Is Life After Breast Cancer!

Ruth Swissa works countless hours and has devoted her life to not only enriching one’s beauty but restoring shaken self-esteem.  Swissa believes her most undisputed cases of a battered self image are women battling breast cancer.  After all women go through with breast cancer, there is a final step that helps them find renewed self-confidence and self-esteem.  One must be reassured that breast cancer is not the termination...

Hello Bloggers!

We are so excited to provide news and updates happening at Ruth Swissa through our new blog! What’s coming up at Ruth Swissa?  We are gearing up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The survivors of breast cancer hold a special place in our hearts at Ruth Swissa.  Ruth knows breast cancer survivors face challenges most of her other clients do not face.  Helping breast cancer patients with areola...