Ruth Swissa’s Feature in Malibu Times Magazine

Ruth Swissa: Best Face Forward by Tracy Wright Skin specialist at Ruth Swissa spas, including namesake Ruth, have been helping clients look and feel their vest with a wide array of skincare products, treatments and professional permanent makeup application at their two locations in Agoura Hills and Beverly Hills. Swissa studied fine arts abroad before returning home to create her empire. With three generations of her family in...

Ruth Swissa Soy Candles!

This holiday season surprise your sweeties with aromatic hand-crafted soy candles. These candles do hold the upper hand in fragrant burning — here are their benefits: Soy candles are 100% natural. Made with soybeans, soy candles are produced by renewable grown sources. Contrarily, paraffin candles are made of petroleum, a non-renewable resource that contains carcinogens. Lighting a soy candle ensures cleaner burning with noticeable less soot. Paraffin candles...

Computer Vision Syndrome: Taking a Toll on Your Eyes

Although it’s almost obvious that computer screens aren’t easy on the eyes, it’s almost an inevitable obstacle we have to face daily. Computer monitors have become part of any modern workday. Doctors have categorized the all these eye symptoms under the name Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  The statistics show that somewhere between 50-90% of people who work at a computer screen have at lease some symptoms of CVS....

Natural-Looking Permanent Makeup

People come to my work and as me “How come you don’t have any permanent makeup done?” This has happened to me on multiple occasions and I can truly say it makes me proud of my work. Little do they know I have a full face of permanent makeup, but it’s so natural-looking, people aren’t able to point it out. I view permanent makeup as an enhancer, not...

Flowers for Beautiful Skin: Hibiscus

Ruth Swissa likes to call this the elixir of youth. Hibiscus is nature’s anti-aging gift to you. It contains a natural source of alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) which is the leading compound found in anti-aging products. You can utilize this flower by mixing it with other skincare products, such as milk, honey, turmeric, or rose water. Simply blend the ingredients and watch hibiscus work its magic. Bot only...

Flowers for Beautiful Skin: Lavender

Lavender is amongst one of the flower MVPs. It is the it-boy in the flower squad. Not only is it great for skincare, but the list goes on from hair-care to headache remedies. Lavender has antiseptic and antifungal properties which helps reduce scarring and speeds up the healing process. The conventional use of lavender comes in the form of Lavender essential oil — with this you can treat...

Are you a VIP Client?

Introducing our new VIP clientele system! This new system allows those who spend a generous amount on skincare to receive rewards and special offers! We want to thank YOU for being so loyal ~ next visit ask us about our VIP system and how to start.

Free Finance Permanent Makeup!

Thinking about getting permanent makeup but don’t think you can afford it? We totally understand. Apply for Advanced Care’s Medical card to finance your procedure! What’s so good about this card? The process is simple and offers quick decisions. Co-signers may be utilized on your application if needed to improve your chances for approval. We work hard to get you approved. You can schedule your medical procedure as...