About Sarah Yovino, MD

Dr. Sarah Yovino
Double Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, Cosmetic Specialist, and Pain Management Physician

Dr. Sarah Yovino is a double board certified and fellowship trained anesthesiologist, cosmetic specialist, and pain management physician. With extensive training and artistic sensibility, Dr. Sarah is dedicated to providing natural and compelling results. With her distinct conservative-approach, Dr. Sarah guides patients towards natural enhancements that gradually work their way up to the patient’s desired result. Specializing in pain medicine, Dr. Sarah Yovino is particularly skillful in injection administration and nerve localization, ensuring a safe and virtually pain-free procedure.

Dr. Yovino was trained at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital for both her residency and fellowship. She has been Board Certified in Anesthesiology since 2007 and Pain Medicine since 2008.

Dr. Yovino is known for her ability to naturally enhance the face using the most pain-less techniques. Through detailed consultation, aesthetic sensibilities, and meticulous attention to detail, she is able to modify procedures to the specific needs of the individual, delivering naturally beautiful results.

Dr. Yovino’s cosmetic non-surgical practice focus is on enhancing the face, with mid-face lifts, facelifts, neck lift, eyelid lift, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and various methods of PRP for hair restoration and joint rejuvenation.

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