Celebrity Choice

“Celebrity’s First Choice” is a term used to define the work ethic and natural results at Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup and Skin®. Take a moment to look through our modest collection of celebrity-approved testimonials. We are the preferred medical spa because of our remarkably natural results. Celebrity choice permanent makeup is a title Swissa often uses to refer not only to star clientele, but the camera ready results. Modern video quality has the ability to capture very fine detail. This feature put greater pressure on professionals, making cosmetic treatment look more obvious. To conform with these demands, Swissa uses her fine hair-stroke method and organic pigments. The camera can never detect any trace of permanent makeup (let alone the naked eye). To learn about our status within the celebrity community, press this link to be directed to Ruth Swissa’s practice of natural permanent makeup.

Due to the rules of HIPAA and our customer loyalty, keep in mind this is not a complete list of “celebrity choice” clients.

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