Hi Ruth!
I just wanted to say hello and thank you for doing my eyebrows before I started chemotherapy.
Everyone in my group and the doctors office compliments your beautiful work! So many people say that I am lucky to have not lost my eyebrows, then are shocked to know that I did permanent eyebrows.
My eyebrows looks natural and beautiful.

H. Cheun,

I love the care you put on my face. the brows’ eyeliner and full lips are beautiful
Thank you for wonderful work.

Dick Wilson,

I want to thank you for making my wife’s a little bit better.
Marianne is 68 years old and a 30-year Parkinson patient. It became impossible for her to put on her own eyebrows, she would sometimes have too wait later in the day before someone could put her eyebrows on. She had no problems with your treatment dealing or afterwards.
Thank you for your help and care.

Dominique Ekstein,

I came to work this morning and everyone is complementing your awesome work on my eyebrows !!
I could not be happier. it only took me 10 minutes to put my makeup on, and I was out the door. You are a true artist in every sense of the word. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have permanent cosmetics done!!

Betty Flores,

Could you please e-mail me the before and after pictures you took for my eyebrows and eyeliner? most of my friends don’t believe I had then permanent , I would like to show them the before pictures.
Thank you so much. This is best thing I have done for myself in years.
For years I had no eyebrows and spent 20+ minutes painting them on every morning.
Thanks you!!!


With her skilled craft, Ruth takes what nature has given and enhances it – using her art to create the appearance of natural beauty. I have been a client of Ruth’s for more than a year now, and have seen a gradual transformation of my previously “non-existent” lips to a full, sensuous, rosebud mouth and sleek, symmetrical eyebrows. Thank you so much Ruth.


Ruth I can’t thank you enough for making my fair-hired existence better with your amazing talent. I can walk out of the house without putting anything on expert my clothes.


Ruth, you have no idea how happy your made me! I look good and beautiful with my natural eyebrows, eyeliner and my full-color lips.


I wanted to thank you, Ruth, for the work you did on my lips. They are terrific! You are very wonderful.

Bonnie Olson,

About seven years ago I had surgery on my scalp, That left wide obvious scare on my head. I had a plastic surgeon try to revise them, but with only a small improvement. I was forced to wear my hair in one way, short, to hide the scars. Through the plastic surgeon I was introduced to Ruth, a medical micro-pigmentation artist. She was able to miraculously blend my scar with my brown and gold hair strokes, completely restoring my scalp. I can now wear my hair in any way I want. It has been a blessing to me. Thank you Ruth, you are a true artist.

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