?Type a word to look up in Oxford American Writer?s Thesaurus: Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a procedure that can benefit to anyone who desires to naturally amplify or restore their appearance without the hassle of daily makeup application. This procedure has many reference names which often times confuses people. Not to worry, Ruth Swissa is here to break things down. Some of the more conventional names include: Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattooing, or Makeup Tattoo Here are the more obscure names:...

Here’s a Little Gift We Preset to You, Our Lovely Followers

Here’s a little something something we are offering you this holiday season. Come indulge or buy your loved one a gift they will truly enjoy. Stay beautiful with glowing skin these harsh winter months! More tips on how to keep your skin looking at its prime these harsh, frosty times.

Ruth Swissa’s & Dr. Sarmela Sunder’s “Beverly Hills” -ish Event: Recap

Overview: Ruth Swissa and Dr. Sarmela Sunder put together an Annual Holiday Beauty Event which took place at Ruth Swissa’s Medspa, having guests come from all over, the event was said to have had a “Beverly Hills vibe”, making itself more of a beauty soirée! Highlights: Ruth Swissa offered wonderful specials, accompanied by tasty food and drinks. Special guest appearance of Eva LaRue (star of All My Children...

Annual Holiday Beauty Event Tomorrow @ 5:30pm!

Join us tomorrow evening for a fabulous beauty event we like to refer to as “Ruth Swissa’s and Dr. Sarmela Sunder’s Annual Holiday Beauty Event”! It will take place at Ruth Swissa’s Medspa at 29020 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills at 5:30pm

Annual Holiday Beauty Event 2 Days Away!

Champagne and Hors D’oeuvres! Thursday 5:30pm at Ruth Swissa’s Medspa (29020 Agoura Road, Agoura Hills) Come one, come all! Hope to see you all there

3 Reasons Why Permanet Makeup Could Go Wrong

You’ve probably been exposed to at least one instance of horrific permanent makeup jobs; whether it be your great-aunt with her blueish permanent eyeliner or the lady down the street with stark, black brows. Modern day permanent makeup has been completely reinvented itself, but people very too exposed to it for a couple of reasons: Good permanent makeup jobs are the ones people don’t notice! 3 reasons why...

Welcoming Our New Aesthetician, Nicola Gerboc!

Nicola Gerboc is a professional clinical aesthetician who has been in practice for nearly 28 years. With a highly impressive background of experience within her work field, Nicola has received training in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. Working in areas such as Beverly Hills and Singapore, Nicola has a distinctive work ethic which combines her seasoned training and bubbly personality. Although Nicola specializes in all the skincare services...

5 ways to care for your permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup is a great option to minimize the time you take to get ready in the morning. However, you still need to take a few steps to properly care for it. Here are 5 tips on how to keep it looking as fresh and natural as possible. 1. Use sunscreen! Just like any other part of your face or body, permanent makeup needs protection from the bleaching rays...

Are you a good candidate for permanent lips?

Having permanent makeup on your lips is both convenient and beautiful. You never have to worry about your lipstick fading, or finding the right lip liner, or having to wipe lipstick off of everything you drink from. However, before undergoing a permanent makeup procedure on your lips, you have to consider whether the procedure will be effective for you and your lips. Here at Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup...

Why use Sunscreen?

Why use sunscreen? With summer upon us, everyone is excited to relax in the sun. However, it’s important to remember to take care of your skin as well as yourself this summer. Sun is one of the most harmful environmental agents on your skin, and here at Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup, many of our clients are concerned about the effects of sun exposure on their complexion. Skin cancer is...