Q: Do I Have to Get Rid of All the Hair on My Brows Before I Do Permanent Eyebrows?

A: When getting permanent eyebrows done, there is an ongoing misconception that one would have to get rid of all current eyebrow hair. Ruth Swissa is here to clear up this myth and provide you with information that’s actually quite the contrary. At Ruth Swissa Professional Permanent Makeup and Skin, we put the utmost importance to eyebrow hair, looking to preserve each strand. Many customers have asked Ruth...

Beware of Bad Permanent Makeup Out There

Ruth Swissa is spreading awareness on bad permanent makeup jobs and is sharing her advise on how to best avoid it. Most of Ruth’s patients are those who seek permanent makeup fixing. Ruth is so exposed to these permanent makeup mishaps, she feels obligated to share her knowledge on how to avoid these horrific procedures many aestheticians are offering to oblivious costumers. In this hard-hitting economy, it is...

Rejuvinate Your Distressed, Winter Skin with the New VI Peel

After a cruel, stiff winter, your skin is begging for some relief and reawakening. Ruth Swissa is now offering the VI Peel to relieve your damaged winter skin. The VI Peel utilizes the power of several ingredients to perform drastic skin corrections. These ingredients treat all different skin types, which means the VI Peel is virtually ideal for anyone who’s seeking skin remedy. The peel provides superior results...

Ruth Swissa is About to Launch a Product!

Ruth Swissa is looking to broadcast her long-awaited product aimed especially for breast cancer survivors: a temporary areola tattoo! This is a realistic looking areola tattoo specifically for those who do not want permanent make-up just yet, only something temporary yet realistic. It works just like the temporary tattoos you used to purchase as a kid– simply  place it on the designated spot, wet the back of the...

Does Permanent Make-Up Have to Be Painful?

Everyone has a different threshold for withstanding pain.  Here at Ruth Swissa we have seen the full spectrum of pain tolerance in our clients.  While the topical numbing cream Ruth uses has worked wonders over the years making her clients feel more comfortable and relaxed while having their make-up applied.  To make the process even more comfortable we have acquired a new machine to assist in the numbing...

Radiofrequency Helps Tighten Skin And Minimize Wrinkles

At Ruth Swissa, we are always striving to provide our patients with top results and the newest and latest technologies. We are proud to now offer Radiofrequency treatments to our list of services. Radiofrequency lifts and tightens the appearance of skin without invasive surgery, providing long-term durable results. The treatment is clinically proven, safe, effective and painless. Results are even visible after a single treatment. With a quick...

Prop Beauty

Has the resent election left your skin feeling blah? Would you like to improve the tone, texture and clarity of your skin? Take a stand on beautiful skin with our Vi Peel. With results lasting longer than the President’s new term in office; you can feel good about your skin.

Looking for longer lashes?

Have you recently taken a walk down the aisle of your local drug store? You probably noticed the rows and rows of mascara products. One of the most feminine qualities of a woman is her long, full and thick lashes. While products like mascara, eyelash extensions and eyelash curlers offer a temporary solution for lashes, Latisse is the only product scientifically proven and approved by the FDA to...

Nipple Tattoos For Breast Cancer Survivors

“49 year-old woman had her breasts removed after being diagnosed with breast cancer… she said that without her nipples her breasts looked like a face with no features.” Areola tattoos can be a very important step in the healing process for breast cancer survivors.

There Is Life After Breast Cancer!

Ruth Swissa works countless hours and has devoted her life to not only enriching one’s beauty but restoring shaken self-esteem.  Swissa believes her most undisputed cases of a battered self image are women battling breast cancer.  After all women go through with breast cancer, there is a final step that helps them find renewed self-confidence and self-esteem.  One must be reassured that breast cancer is not the termination...