Flowers for Your Face – The Ultimate List

Here’s a list of flowers/herbs that will work wonders on your skin Alfalfa - Medicago sativa High in calcium and magnesium, vitamin C, E, K and beta-carotene, alfalfa is a superfood for body and skin. Aloe - Aloe vera Aloe gel is a “first aid” for many skin conditions, including burns, wounds, inflammations. Cools, tones, moisturizes skin and enhances overall immunity. Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera Indian Ginseng or...

Not Coconut Water, Coconut Kefir **

We've all heard of coconut water and it's benefits, but if you're a risk-taker and are interested in the swanky lifestyle, I highly recommend Coconut Kefir. This is the opulent counterpart to coconut water, and is made through the process of fermentation. While fermenting the coconut water, beneficial bacteria are introduced into the beverage. Just one shot of coconut kefir will enrich your essence with 15 billion CFU...

Get Plump Lips with Just a Toothbrush!

Times have changed and pouty duck-lips have become beyond passé. However, there is a natural way to plumpen your pout with an at-home / diy procedure. The two required materials are a toothbrush (preferably straight bristled) and petroleum jelly. Step by step: Apply some petroleum jelly to the toothbrush Rub the toothbrush onto your lips in a circular motion (be cautious not to rub too hard, you don’t...

Ruth Swissa on Good Day LA – Gina’s People Ruth Swissa featured on a segment of Gina's People on Fox 11 Los Angeles. In this bit, Ruth takes Gina and viewers through the incredible transformation process of burned victim, Yolanda Hawkins, with the help of permanent makeup.

Bloody Mary, Anyone?

Maybe not the alcoholic component to Blood Marys, but tomato juice is beverage loaded with beauty benefits! Tomatoes contain lycopene which help prevent UVA and UVB damage. It’s basically your all-natural sunscreen; although the protection is only (SPF) 5, it still is something. Say goodbye to early wrinkles !

Things You Thought You Knew About Acne Might be Wrong!

Ruth Swissa uncovered some common misconceptions about acne Popping pimples makes everything better — wrong. Picking at your skin is one of the worst things you could do. Popping pimples releases inflammatory secretion which can cause scarring and infect your clean pores (resulting in more pimples). Acne doesn’t have to do with what we eat — Although it’s not 100% clear whether acne is caused by diet or...

Ruth Swissa’s Temporary Areola Tattoo Sweeps the Medical World

Ruth Swissa’s Temporary Areola Tattoo Sweeps the Medical World Catch this press release of Ruth Swissa’s Temporary Areola Tattoo. Here is some more detail about the product: Ruth Swissa is looking to broadcast her new product aimed especially for breast cancer survivors: a temporary areola tattoo! This is a realistic looking areola tattoo specifically for those who do not want permanent make-up just yet; something temporary yet realistic....

Flowers for Beautiful Skin: Rose

Unlike most skincare remedies, the Rose is a solution for all skin types. It can be used to cure chronic oily skin, tone normal / dry skin, soothe irritated / inflamed skin, and prevent wrinkles with its hydration properties. Utilizing the power of this flower can be as easy as throwing a handful of petals in your bath. It’s okay to be romantic — your skin deserves it.

Ruth Swissa featured on Gina’s People Segment

This week in Gina's People, FOX 11 recognizes viewer and philanthropist Ruth Swissa as she helps burn survivors look their best. In this segment, Ruth Swissa applies permanent makeup on burn victim, Yolda Hawkins. Throughout the segment, viewers get to see Swissa in her work-zone while she works to redefine Yolanda's beauty. Rebecca Grossman, chair of the Grossman Burn Foundation (GBF), makes an appearance on the clip and...

Keep Your Skin Soft and Supple – Starting with Your Bathing Methods

- Don?t Shower for Too Long: Boiling hot, long showers are actually very detrimental, removing necessary oils from your skin. Try lukewarm showers instead! - Careful When You Shave: As stated in a previous pose about razor-shaving safety, be sure to lubricate skin, use a clean razor, and shave in the direction of hair growth (not against it). - Use Mild Soaps: Strong cleansing soaps can also strip...