Silky Smooth Complexion and Short Term Rosy Glow!

microdermabMicrodermabrasion uses the fine particles of aluminum oxide (micro crystals) to gently exfoliates your skin . This removes dead layers of cells in the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen and cells in those deeper layers. Non-invasive, this technique leaves you with a silky smooth complexion and a short term rosy glow!

How does it work?

microdermab2-283x300You will lie back comfortably with a towel cover placed over your hair. Your face is cleansed. You will feel the tiny particles as they exfoliate the dead skin cells. Many patients say the sensation is similar to the feel of a kitten licking their hand. The vacuum system pulls the particles and the loosened skin away leaving your with this silky smooth complexion and short term rosy glow.

The microdermabrasion system is incredibly successful due to the unique combination of employing a high-velocity vacuum and the microscopic size of the exfoliating particles. The aluminum oxide crystals are sterile and self-contained so they never touch human hands before they come into contact with your skin.